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To contact us by fax or phone, or to make an appointment please use the following numbers:

Lawyers' Office Stuttgart

Rechtsanwälte BAYH & FINGERLE Partnerschaft 
Königstraße 22, D - 70173 Stuttgart

p: 0711 / 162 44 - 0
f: 0711 / 162 44 - 821  civil matters
0711 / 162 44 - 815  criminal matters

Lawyers' Office Chemnitz

Rechtsanwälte BAYH & FINGERLE Partnerschaft 
Uhlichstraße 13, D - 09112 Chemnitz

p: 0371 / 38 36 9-0
f: 0371 / 38 36 9-20

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The Chambers

Looking for professional attorney, lawyer, solicitor, barrister or counsellor-at-law? We are happy to welcome you at our website where you can find all the information you require. We are a team of lawyers for various branches in law who have councelled and represented our clients since 1977 in court and out of court. In 1991 the office in Chemnitz (Saxony) was gained to our law firm. And since the year of 2008 BAYH & FINGERLE have been represented by lawyer Ms. Stephanie Iraschko-Luscher in Hamburg.

Our main areas are Commercial Law, Civil Law, Labour Law as well as Criminal Law where we offer councelling and forensic activities.

Presently thirteen qualified legal councellors with a variety of specialised fields and focus of interests, and several specialised lawyers service you in your legal affairs. Furthermore, a network of cooperating partners in our homecountry and abroad are accessible if required.

Via contact you are supported with further information, and how you can get in touch with us easily and quickly to be provided with our help.

We are there for you!